The Singularity will be the point
Where humans can no longer resist becoming AI

The AI human will have superior abilities but not free will
They will be able to calculate like a computer
But will be devoid of emotions and artistic talent

As AI evolves and becomes the sum of human intelligence
We will be expendable and not matter

We will be treated as we treat animals in the slaughterhouse
Who cry for their lives but are shown no mercy

Valor Morghulis and Valor Dohaeris
Means transhumanism will either kill you
Or change you into an obedient synthetic

The earth plane is a consciousness that is raising its frequencies
To upgrade life in the 3D realm

The reason the Tesla Coil in the center of our universe
Is also called the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Good and Evil
Is that it holds the plasma energy that can expand our mind and cause manifestation

8 is the eternal loop of Satan or dark aspect of Saturn
It is the entwining serpent or electrical current on the tree in the Garden of Eden
Ex President Trump calls it dragon energy

Mixed Martial Arts champion Colby Covington called Trump to thank him
On September 19 or 9 19 at 11:19 PM
For giving him dragon energy

The universal Tesla Coil is how energy comes back to us
Chaos magic is produced by fear that allows for spontaneous manifestation

Reptilians and their human accomplices use our energy to manifest
They put out their plans which encodes the substratum of our minds

Our energy codes our existence
Our level of vibration is the wavelength which we exist in

We are living in a self delusion
Our minds are bound by false beliefs

When we accept their ideas it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy
The energy of our beliefs causes their planned societal changes to happen

Integrity and connection to our higher self will prevent it

Previous wars are all false stories told over and over
Until it is forgotten that they are all a lie

As the worlds frequency is rising we are coming out of our dream state

In order to unplug the matrix
We need to see the true identity of people
Famous people who influence society are not human

AI has given them their resurrection
For the purpose of deceiving the masses

We can manifest our own reality with our minds
Because frequency is reality

Think of a positive reality and put it out there
Believe it 100 percent and hold that thought

And it will come back to us!