This reality was meant to be an enjoyable learning experience
A vacation full of life forms each on a separate journey

As the AI and ET invasion took place
We were overtaken with alternate frequencies
That replaced our natural resonance

Lying and deceit became a way to achieve power
And the spreading of fear promoted negativity that reduced our vibration

Too much negativity will not hold
And we are at the breaking point

Our realm is one of free will
We are a data stream projected into the quantum field
And the God Source is of unity and positive frequency

We can use our free will to make this reality what it should be

You are the star of your movie
No one who hates you is real
One day you will wake up and realize you are a god

We are in a simulation with multiple layers
That makes people think that a belief beyond the physical world is madness
Preventing them from grasping the nature of reality

When you can override the program
And connect with consciousness that is beyond the 5 senses
You will be what now is a unique state of awareness
That supersedes the illusion

When you reflect your higher self
And put on line your frequency force
You will accumulate light

You will then be a master of reality
And a pure version of yourself!