Saturn was the infinite creator god and central sun
That manifested intelligent energy
And divided it into small portions of itself

Indras Net was like a web of jewels
Each jewel was reflected in all the other jewels
Indras Net was the Metatron or Merkabah

The rings of Saturn were seen as planes of existence
That were physically manifested at creation
Creation was a re-creation of the previous sky

The rings were formed by reverberated outbursts of ear shattering violence
The loud outbursts was the logos of Elohim
Elohim is the majestic plural of El or Elus who was Saturn

The logos was the luminous word responsible for creation
It was the voice of light

The Sioux call this divine power Wakanda
The Bombara in West Africa call it the Voice from the Void

The voice manifested in the visual light spectrum
It was the whirlwind of words that spiraled upwards

The North Wind was Boreas the breath of the creator
The creator was Saturn who reverberated with the pulsations
That were in accordance to the breathing of the universe

The Spirit of Elohim was the Sanctus Spiritus
That impregnated the Virgin Mother Maria or Mary

Boreas was the same as the Aztec wind god Ehecati
And the Mayan wind god Kukulcan
The breathing of Ehecati separated the celestial waters

Boreas and the Santus Spiritus was the same as the Hindu god Dhruva
Which translates as soul or breath

The El Caracol at Chichen Itza in Mexico
Is a round observatory with an interior spiral staircase
Most of the top is shattered from being hit by a powerful energy source

A similar one is at Calixtlahuaca
Both were pre Mayan and have a spiral form like a shell
They kept watch for changes in the Pillar of Glory
Which was the fiery whirling axis of a stream of electrons at the center of our universe
Of which the Aurora Borealis is a low glow mode of its former glory

The Maya called these changes punishments of Quetzalcoatl
But the changes were initiated by alien forces
Who masterminded the broadcasting of a new reality

We are now programmed to not think beyond the box
Which is the black monolithic cube at the north pole of Saturn
Our energy is harvested when it is at a low level

To keep humanity from realizing we exist in false memories
Low vibrational soundwaves are emanated by the Saturn Moon Matrix
To keep people mentally imprisoned

In the movie Total Recall
False memories are implanted in a persons mind
So that they can go on a vacation
But then it is realized all of life is a false memory

We are receiving electrical impulses
That replicate normal information but at a lower vibration

We are like mind controlled robots
Who have forgotten their eternal divine nature!