Our voice is a conduit through which we interact
With the fundamental structure of the universe

Our vocal expression generates a distinct toroidal field that acts as a portal
Allowing energy and information to flow between dimensions
Transcending the boundaries of our physical reality

The depths of the human expression radiates
With the potential for infinite possibilities
Evoking energies of transformation and growth

The spiral toroidal pattern mirrors
The inherited dynamo and fluidity of life
Resonating with the transfiguring power of the spoken word

The unique sound frequency of bells are auditory command instructions with cosmic codes
Each ring of the bell causes a ripple in the simulation of reality
Echoing across the matrix of existence

Gemstones have a chemical command that vibrate with a universal language of numerical codes
That interacts with the cosmic program

We can infuse our words with intention
Directing the flow of energy in alignment with our desires

The intention of sound combined with the intricate arrangement of the vocal apparatus
Consisting of the larynx vocal cords and resonating chambers
Act as a unique instrument to channel the energy of speech

Our words are the vibrational essence of the toroidal fields they manifest
That transmit their energetic signatures into the surroundings that we encompass
Our speech pulsates into the fabric of creation

We have inherit creative potential within our voices
And we shape our reality with the energetic currents we generate

The metaphysical aspect of language contributes to the harmonic dance of energy
That weaves through the tapestry of existence!