Our will and intent
Determine the energetic dynamics
Of our soul blueprint

How the rays of stellar energy are filtered and played out in our lives
Depends upon the locations of the wandering stars

These events will activate latent potentials in humans

It is the way The Whole installs the divine blueprint

The geometric dance of the luminaries
Or the fractal movement of the wandering stars
Allows energy to weave into this dimension

Knowledge of this enables us to revel
In the invisible wonder
Of the divine mysterium

The divine female principle has been denigrated
For the purpose of power and control over the population

It has also perpetrated into the worlds religious belief systems

When one moves into the Full Goddess power potential of the Divine Female
The gateway of the Infinite is accessed

As you manifest this greater reality within your heart
Your highest purposes are revealed

Your intuition and creativity will be enhanced by your true passion
You will be a spiritual reflection of the divine mysterium

As you merge with your higher self
You absorb higher vibrating light frequencies

You will become a star seed soul
With genetic acceleration
And DNA advancement!