Whether it be an asteroid strike the rapture
An alien invasion or a solar flare
Technology exists to make it seem like it is happening

Whether it be an earthquake volcano hurricane tsunami or firestorm
Technology exists to make it happen

Whether it be a new pandemic of invisible viruses flying around everywhere
Even though a virus cannot exist outside the body
The media is full of shills that will make the masses believe in it

The Illuminati who are the top level Freemasons pull the strings
They use astrology for their dates

9 23
10 13 which is Friday the 13th
And 11 3 have all been put in movies and TV shows over and over

The purpose is to get people in a state of subconscious fear
And prepare their minds for acceptance

The people who survived in Lahaina are the ones who jumped in the water
Or ignored the police and went around the blockades
The ones who obeyed and turned around were fried

The residents of Lahaina were told beforehand
If they saw lasers it was just the Navy doing tests

The water was turned off so that no one could put out any fires
Cell phone communication and the internet was cut off so that communication would be prevented

No firetrucks airplanes or helicopters responded
No ships came in to help
Except for tourist boats that let people snorkel amongst the dead bodies

For a few days before August 8 there was a chemical haze
Which had a flammable chemistry to fan the flames
Just like in Vietnam where they sprayed white phosphorous to make the fires intense

Buildings were reduced to ashes but umbrellas outside restaurants were untouched
The big Banyon Tree in the center of town is fine

Trees along streets are also OK because they were not targeted
But boats way out in the harbor were incinerated

The poles of the downed power lines had straight cuts
Indicating that they were not blown down by the 40 to 50 mile per hour winds
Which are not capable of doing it anyway

Red Cross and Fema are staying at 5 star hotels costing $1400.00 a night
While the people who are now without a home are getting nothing
Celebrities who own land on Maui are doing nothing to help

The houses with blue on their roof were spared
Blue was the code not to incinerate

Bodies were being dumped in a mass grave
While Federal agents stood around smoking and drinking coffee

Just like in Houston during Hurricane Harvey
Where bodies were seen floating down the streets with bullet holes

Or in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina
Where people who were trapped on a bridge were shot

It was all planned ahead of time!