Our minds are constantly put in the negative
By the structures that exist here
That are part of the 3D archon hologram

We have to learn about them and acknowledge them
Without focusing on them

When you talk about another person in a negative way
You are giving that version of them energy and feeding that reality
And the negative energy comes back to you

The body is a vessel of the universe
And dreaming is a way of accessing other platforms

You can switch you vibration rates at any time and change your momentum
Which locates you at different platforms of reality
Your higher consciousness knows how to do that

ETs which are the higher consciousness of other species
Have the knowledge of creation which is quantum manifestation

Negative ETs create artificial negative timelines by putting everyone in fear
They need that vibration to manifest in this realm
Negative structures cannot exist in a positive reality

Millions of animals are being genocided everyday
Which most people promote by convincing themselves that it is necessary

In order to eat animals one has to lower their frequency
And fluctuate back and forth between positive and negative timelines
Trapping themselves in a 3D world

Take steps to move into the positive
We are going into a new level of understanding
When we act upon the negative we reprint it and keep it going

Karma is out of balance frequency
When a director says action the actor has to produce feelings and simulate behavior
Based on the character he or she is portraying

Imagine a positive world where people have positive emotions
Producing balanced frequencies and positive outcomes

Know the structure is a heart based structure and align with it
Reprint that frequency into the field

And you will be in alignment with your God Self!