Lipids are substances that are not soluble in water

Lipids are being used to protect the fragile synthetic messenger RNA
From enzymes in the bloodstream
Because they are foreign exogenous invaders

Enzymes will fight foreign invaders by producing antibodies
In the form of white blood cells

Lipids form an envelope or capsid
And are viewed by the body as part of self

DNA inside lipids will arrive at the plasma cell membrane
Which is the outer protective shell

Lipids allow the RNA to enter into the cytoplasm unharmed
Then it will dissolve
Releasing the contents of RNA

The nanobots injected will be bio servers
And will transmit signals of what is going on inside cells

And the injected materials will affect the nerves in the spine
In the past it was called polio

Fats are lipids

Saturated fats from animals blocks energy

That is why animal fats along with animal proteins
Were never meant to be in our body

And we were never meant to harm others
For our nutrition

Animals who are even more sensitive than we are

And we were never meant to be a mishmash of genetic codes
From different sources

We were meant to live incessantly in our world
Under our sky of crystal diamonds

With rainbows consisting of different wavelengths
Producing different colors

And we were meant to check out any time we want
And enter other realms any time we desire!