When we align our thoughts with a high intention
We create a vibrant symphony that resonates in all areas of our existence

When we are masters of our thoughts
We can manifest a life full of purpose and fulfillment

When we adjust our internal perspective the world around us transforms
To seek healthy relationships focus on feelings of love empathy and connection
To seek success nurture thoughts of capability and accomplishment

Cultivating a positive mindset is crucial
We emit energy that draws people situations and opportunities

See yourself interacting with others as your true self
Recognize you are now your ideal

How you are is how you see yourself in your imagination
Through positive self talk you will progress fast
As the universe makes your belief into a reality

Your vision exists in your imagination
By expressing it outward reality is rearranged
To reflect with vivid accuracy what is in your imagination

Trust your creative talent to do its work
And expect your vision to play out

Through mental alchemy you bring forth a harmonious flow of feeling
And you become a conduit of Infinite Intelligence

You will carry out a meaningful journey in all its purity
As you are guided and protected in support of your positive vision

The link with Infinite Intelligence is within you
Honor it by releasing what in your subconscious is denying it

Indecision and doubt lead into fear which blocks your flow
And breaks the connection of the divine within

How you respond to subconscious programming is the meaning you give it

Joy bliss and happiness are already inside you
There is magic in knowing you already have them
Cultivate these traits by giving your attention to them

Have abundance consciousness and arrive with a full cup
The result is a beautiful work of art!