We are a frequency
All life is a frequency
Your brain and heart emit a frequency which all your cells resonate by.

We are now in a self perpetuating form of brainwashing
Created by a world totalitarian government based on money
Everything that you hear now contributes in turning you into a robot.

The prison zones will be built by the inmates themselves
And the guards will be from the inmates
Both guards and prisoners will exist in a state of schizophrenia
And will not have the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made
Or even see it as a prison.

From now on everyone will act robotic
Feeling nothing and thinking nothing.

Soon there will be no one to remind them that there was a species called humans with feelings and thoughts
Because right now history and memory are being erased.

We are immersed in microwave frequency spectrums 24/7
This steady stream of artificial radiation
Damages the organs and the eyes
And affects brain waves.

Commands can be put into these microwave pulses.

At first there will be checkpoints
Perimeter security
And patrol protection.

Because of the neurotic belief in the non existent corona virus
People are going to think this lockdown/quarantine/martial law is a good thing.

Everyone is already submitting to the laser gauge
That radiates your forehead while reading your temperature.

When someone sees the 5G being set up and inquires
They will be told it is for fumigation of the corona virus
They will then go on their merry way.

5G emits hydrogen cyanide
And absorbs water and oxygen in your cells
It is also for surveillance.

The mandatory biometric entry exit tracking system will come into play
It will be for area denial
And cover land, sea and air.

The entry exit tracking system will be based on your social credit score
Which will be based on your position within the system
And on how obedient you’ve been.

The lower your score the less access you have to other areas.

Then there will be the implementation of Active Denial
Restriction zones surrounded by highly charged energy
A forcefield with perimeters that can be set up anywhere.

Similar to the dome that covers our plane.

It will also be able to project a beam covering your whole person
At a range up to a kilometer or over half a mile.

It will detect and access all human activity
And scan a forest to locate body temperature
And ascertain what is in your purse or pockets.

Smaller cells will be activated
Keeping you restricted to your neighborhood
Or locked in your house.

It will be able to kill you on the street.

But you will not go near the perimeter
Because it will cause you intense pain.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are saying they are sending up satellites
But what is being sent up is solar powered platforms
Suspended by balloons with cloaking devices
That can beam down digitally operated and frequency activated control systems.

The ferro magnetic particles from chemtrails inside of everyone will arrange in patterns
According to the millimeter wave frequency that is sent down
The particles become magnetic micro robots
Moving through our endocrine system.

Once they hit the brain they become decoded
And get transmitted into our thoughts
And we behave differently.

Every death is being blamed on the corona virus
You can be in a Las Vegas hotel room
Partying with hookers and doing excessive amounts of cocaine
And if you die it will be blamed on the corona virus.

What you need to be concerned about is some goon showing up at your residence in a hazmat suit
Telling you to be tested and vaccinated
Then spraying poisons all over your property.

And the LED lights which have been installed everywhere
In streets, businesses, apartments, schools, churches and automobile headlights
They are neural invasive
Repeated exposure will take you down.

There was no flu before the introduction of millimeter wavelength electrical installations.

You should be concerned about the blue light that is back lit on TV screens, tablets and computers.

Pardon me for asking but when did the government start being concerned about our health?
They have been engaged in promoting pharmaceuticals, GMO’s and the absurd and unhealthy practice of eating animals
The population is sick and obese.

The disinfectant which we are told to use has chlorine
That blocks iodine receptors
And prevents the absorption of oxygen
Which causes respiratory distress.

The bromine in flour
And the fluoride which is put in water
Both do the same thing.

It’s going to kill you if you trust authorities.

The CEO’s and all the very rich have already hightailed it to safe havens away from it all.

The weather is controlled
The 2020 summer will be very cold
But it will be blamed on volcanoes which will be ignited
And there will be crop failures.

WW3 is also in the air
Along with fake celestial events
Which will be used to blame
Induced earthquakes and tsunamis.

And people will be traumatized even more
Influencing them to entertain incorrect notions.

The biometric entry exit tracking system
Will be at first programmed in your cell phone
But later you will be required to have a personal embedded implant chip.

This is the Biblical Mark of the Beast
On your forehead or hand
Enabling you to buy, travel or attend events.

There will be a run on banks
Because savings accounts will disappear
When banks start to shut down.

Your implant chip will contain your financial holdings
Which everyone will like.

But it can be turned on and off by those in charge
Who are under the authority of the Beast
Which is the Reptilian influence.

Even the generating output of our nearby small sun has been changed
As it is channeled through the sun simulator.

We have been dosed in highly flammable chemicals
And heavy metals
And nano particles.

First there was the influenza virus
Then polio
Then HIV
But the cure is what killed everybody
After being told that their immune system needed a boost by practicing on poisons and germs in vaccinations.

Then Salmonella
H 1 N 1
The Zika virus
And the Swine flu.

All fake and nonexistent to prep you for the big one
The super bug
The corona virus.

Could it be possible that this is the last burst of human sentiment?
Spurred on by the unwillingness of people to release false concepts.

Or will kindness and goodness prevail?

Because right now
I hear a rumbling
Of the trembling
Of the closure
Of the slaughterhouses.

Which also means the end of harmed and scared animals on those transport trucks on the freeway.
And the end of farming animals for profit which quickly leads to cruelty and abuse.