Discover the purest essence of your being
Bring to light the divine flow that shines beyond the shadows of thought

Do not be a captive of the illusions that sweep you into the past
Which seldom allows you to savor the present

It is only in the present where life blossoms
Where the fulness of being can be appreciated

The mind can be a tumultuous river
Carrying worries fears and anxieties

To transcend the self imposed limitations of the mind
Is to become an observer of its currents

Navigate them from a space of clarity
Watch the mental turbulence float by like drifting leaves

See the ephemeral nature of your compulsive thoughts which have roots in a conditioned mind
Vanish under the swirling waters

Break the ceaseless cycle of struggle and liberate the mind
Make yourself one with the divinity of the moment

The ego with its stories and narratives
Must yield to the vastness of your being

If we give egoic thoughts excessive attention
They will take control and snare us in a web of illusions

Confront the shadows and transcend the shackles of your ego
Embrace life with gratitude and acceptance

Unfold your wings and soar beyond imposed boundaries
Traverse a path that deeply connects you to the universe

Allow the light of consciousness to penetrate the deepest shadows
And purity of presence will emerge with increasing strength

With each revelation understand that your very essence
Is woven into the very fabric of the universe

We are integral threads in the grand tapestry of life
That creates a symphony of human experience

The adventures of our journey reverberate through the web of existence
We all contribute to the evolution of consciousness

Our goal is for the emergence of our authentic self
And to attain the radiance of our true being

Empty the mind and feel that you are love!