Great intakes of cosmic vibrational cosmic light
From the upper spiritual dimensions
Are bathing us in powerful celestial energy right now

The veil of separation is growing thin and translucent
As the consecrated aspects of God Consciousness is spun into the world

When you access the high resonating Source Energy
There will be an increased activity of divine messages signs and synchronicities

You will experience profound self discoveries and important life lessons
Karmic issues will come to climax
Dreams will be filled with increased spiritual activity

The quantum field that exists within and around you
Which is filled with spiritual information and intelligence
Will be upgrading your chakras

If you have a blockage or limitation from a trauma
Your energy will once again flow freely
What is not compatible with your true divine power will be dissolved

Old emotional wounds and fear based defense systems will lose their grip
Fears will transform into courage
And you will find tranquility in the essence of who you truly are

You will be an unshakable foundation
Amidst the external chaos and storms of life

It will be as if angels are singing divine harmonies
That nourish and strengthen your soul

All that is not in alignment with divine truth will be cleared
Sincerity integrity and honesty will guide you

We are eternal consciousness manifesting in the material world
And are unique expressions of the Whole

As we unlock the fulness of our being
Our individual self will dance harmoniously with the universal self

And the high energy photonic light
Will be our source of abundance and fertility!