The moon is a mega satellite
Which codes Saturnian symbolism into our subconscious

We download these symbols continually
And are being fed the frequency field of what these symbols represent

A symbol is an information field carrying the energy it illustrates
We then mirror these ancient astrological realities into our current culture

A hologram is a quantum vibrating information field
Which filters into our conscious mind producing action from us
When our frequencies match it

If our attention is on low vibrational energy
We allow ourselves to be controlled by low level frequencies

Television is the Archonic Force Network
That carries undesirable archaic subliminal messages on a mass scale

Programming starts early targeting kids
And the magical beings called humans become prisoners of their own minds
As the walls of the matrix are built

The message in the airwaves are designed to control and limit us
Into being obedient drones

The sociopaths in control tell us how to think and what to do
And most importantly they coerce us into never challenging their power hierarchy

We are led into a belief that our Creator abandoned us and disappeared completely
That our God quit interacting with us and withdrew into the vast unknown

Would a truly loving god make it so some animals
Have to eat each other in order to survive

Prometheus created humans from clay
Elohim used dust
Parvati molded men from his skin
Nuwa brought forth human beings from the yellow earth

These stories are of a celestial orb that discharged protoplasm formations
At the beginning of the former epoch

Our part of the earth plane has been portioned off
And we are under intense radio transmissions

But our dormant DNA contains a structured language
And carries a message waiting to be activated!