You are an eternal consciousness
Beyond the boundaries of time and space

You are the present moment
And the witness of existence
Embrace the experience with gratitude

You are not your limiting beliefs
Nor your anxiety and fears

You are a vibrational frequency
Giving energy through your attention

You have a beautiful shield of light
That forms a large spherical shape around you

You are a perfect geometrical illumination
That holds the high vibration of love

Feel the limitless power of your spirit
That courses through your being and out to others

As you receive infinite abundance and divine truth
Your heart chakra will open up like a crystalline lotus flower

Breathe these spiritual gifts in
And with your next exhale allow these energies to flow all the way down into your feet

With your next deep centering breath affirm
I am the light of divine knowledge
I am a vessel of hallowed authenticity
And I allow the highest consciousness of love to work its sacred miracles through me now

With your every step you send cascading waves of golden light into the earth
And you root the consciousness of love into the ground

Mother Earth responds and reaches up in an energetic embrace
Supporting this highest vibration that now courses through your being

With your next deep healing breath send an intention into the cosmic current
And allow your wish to be fulfilled in the most consecrated manner

As your intention takes form
Sparkling currents of starlight form a double helix spiral
And glittering streams of cosmic light give you power abundance and creative energy

As your spirit floats up into the center of it
The universe dances all around you

Each particle of your being awakens and is encoded with transformational power
And the divine presence within you is activated!