On a recent cover of GQ Magazine
A Brad Pitt clone posed in a comatose like state
Amidst flowers common in Hawaii
It appeared like he was floating on water

The cometary explosion will appear in Scorpio

Earthquakes and rumblings will be felt
Especially along the San Andreas Fault line

Earthquakes are achieved by sending high input energy beams into the ground
The same method is used to set off volcanoes

The Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii will be triggered
Sending a massive flow of earth into the Pacific Ocean

A tsunami will follow hitting the west coast of North America
Tsunamis are caused by high powered submarines with laser technology
Falsely labeled as nuclear submarines

The Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico is November 1
Novem means 9
9 11 can also mean November 1 and 2

The Salton Sea will disappear in a large fissure
And reappear in the San Diego area

The Hoover Dam will collapse
As well as many others

The western United States will also receive the smoke and ash from the volcano
The skies will become a crimson red
And the water will turn pink

Large areas of the west coast will be flooded
Helicopters will fly around on rescue missions

During the crimson mist 5G will be activated
Heightening fear and panic even more

Hearkening back to the Rwanda genocide
When the C 130 Hercules aircraft ignited an electronic rage

Intensified 5G will also trigger the graphene nano particles injected via the vaccine

People will be in panic mode and at the same time
Hit with mysterious ailments

The CDC website has a whole section on zombie preparedness
They know what is about to transpire!