Our physical body remembers at the cellular level
Upheavals that burned into our genetics
Powerful fears of termination

Having genetic links to extinction level events
Such as the one that ended the amazing Lemurian existence

Which was a completely spiritually connected culture
Having multidimensional consciousness
And a state of knowingness
Without lying or deception

Each persons divine plan was encompassed

The Lemurian fear is being lied to by those you trust
It was the biggest betrayal imaginable

The joy connection and confidence was completely vanquished
As a horrific cataclysm occurred

The earth grid was overloaded
By energy from generator crystals

Causing massive volcanoes to activate
Earthquakes and tsunami flooding to occur
And the sinking of land masses

Ultimately destroying the Lemurian civilization

As a result many souls were fragmented
And trapped in lower frequency bands
Until healing processes were experienced

The deep levels of grief pain and betrayal
That was imprinted into cellular memory
Had to be worked through and healed

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands
Is about to be triggered by microwaves
The tsunami will be magnified by the same direct energy technology

I thought it would happen November 10 and 11 2021
It will probably be next year

Like farm animals who have been taken care of
Then one day forced into a death truck
And electrically prodded into the slaughterhouse

They had trusted their humans
Then experienced the ultimate betrayal!