Our minds are incredibly powerful computers
That manipulate and control reality

Thoughts are magnetic and emotions are electric

Our intents and actions amplify or dampen our thoughts
Until they manifest or vanish

Setting your intention is so powerful
Because our minds are capable of manifesting reality
In the way we see it

Your brain makes a model of the energy around you
Which is interpreted through the sensory organs
Your perception determines how your senses interpret reality

Envision your will manifesting its reality

For manifestation to work
You have to not worry about it
And allow the subconscious to bend the universal plasma to your will

If you were always actively concerned or distressed about what you desire
Your programming would be reminding you its impossible
And you will build tensions towards it

Just relax and believe the universe is working in your favor
Know that synchronicity will be orchestrated to guide you
And tune you in to a higher state of consciousness

Think beautiful thoughts
Because the world works like a mirror

If you see doom and gloom that is what you are projecting
The world reflects back to you what you put in it

Self fulfilling prophecies happen when we want them to happen
Self fulfilling conspiracies happen when we give time and energy to them

What you focus on
And what type of vitality you give to what you want
Determines what you will manifest!