Dimensional realities are held in place
By energetic layers of complex codes

To create an illusion of time and space
For the purpose of consciousness to perceive and participate in its own experience
Within the broadband width of a particular range of frequencies

As the dimensional grid shifts
Frequency and magnetic attributes change
Causing all things existing within that broadband to shift also

The natural laws as we know them will change
And our perception of spatial awareness is altered dramatically

To prepare for the shift one must adjust their way of thinking and being
And align with the souls greater purpose and true divine essence

Fear based beliefs impede our ability to experience our true inner light and authenticity
When the body is cleared of trauma our DNA is recoded
And we can sustain a new frequency

As energetic imbalances are brought back into harmony
Our perception expands and our energies accelerate

The beauty of nature reminds us of the grandeur of the universe
It awakens us to the magnificence within and to the fulness of life

Gratitude shifts your mindset to a more optimistic place
And releases you from the shackles of the past

Trust your intuition and embrace your lifes purpose
Spread truth and positivity and you will be led on a remarkable journey
In an endless voyage into the splendor of existence

With pure thoughts and the magic of the heart the soul will blossom
Go from the obscurity of ignorance to the light of understanding

The ego delinks you from your true self
Causing you and your world to be fake
And you turn into a machine

Instead plunge into the divine consciousness that dwells within you
And which is your connection to the whole

When you play a desired reality in your mind
Feel it as if it was desire fulfilled

When you are around others
Relate to them with the presence of fulfilled desire

Replace negative karmic imprints with positive holistic scripts
And you will pave the way for rejuvenation

These new key codes are magical poetry
Divinely offered!