Humans are telepathic

When the light of our consciousness reaches the one toward whom it is directed
It impinges upon the mirror of their mind
Causing it to vibrate accordingly

It reproduces in them what was mentally affirmed by the sender
The energy waves we emit are embedded with coded data

Your consciousness is light reflected upon the mirror of your mind
You project into space to the one you are thinking of

The one you are thinking about is thinking about you
As you think so they think

By mentally speaking to the mental subjective image of the person
It causes the mirror of your mind to vibrate

Imagine who you love loves you
Imagine your interactions in a way that serves both of you
Never imagine people as not being loving towards you

Imagine others coming up to you
Imagine you enjoying coming up to them

The state you want to transmit to others
Can only be done if it is believed by you

Your beliefs constantly modify your consciousness
As they are reflected upon the mirror of your mind
And objectified in the conditions of your world

The outer world is what has been accepted as true inside
Do not imagine division in your relationships

To awaken a state within another
It must first be awakened within you

Whoever pops into your mind
Think of them in a loving way

We are one and are one consciousness
Though expressed in a seemingly infinite series of levels
Thus what is mentally affirmed by you is reproduced in others

Imagine how others would benefit by knowing you
It is important to imagine others ideally
So that they will view you the same way

People will show up through thought transmission
And you will connect with the present incarnations of people
That you were close to in previous lifetimes

True love is the force that glues the universe together
When you love you are connecting to the essence of existence
And discovering who you really are!