Words affect frequencies of water
And the molecular structure actually changes
Because currents of energy are put forth

Humans are approximately 70 percent water
And words will affect our molecular structure

Nerve endings are etheric energy receivers
Which connect you to the god source

Synthetic chemicals suppress your nervous system
Eating hemp restores your nerve endings

Pure mineral water decreases your need for food
Dreaming of water is representative of your consciousness and also healing

The Coliseum in Rome was actually a big water basin and storage tank
The water was charged with electricity
And the vibration of the water was raised

The Trevi Fountain pumped out this water
As the celestial water of the gods

Aqueducts were Tartarian and are found all over the world

Energized holy water made you whole
And cured you of sin

The key to higher consciousness
Is a purified heart

Our food and water are poisoned to suppress our consciousness

The music industry places spells on the masses
By deceitfully placing them in songs

You have to be an initiated witch to get a record contract
Songs are spells written in witch language

The Covid vaccines are not about health
But has everything to do with transhumanism

Eating animals takes away our humanity
And puts us in predator mode

We are being intentionally driven away from our true selves
We are losing our compassion and unity consciousness
Our higher functionality is being reconfigured

Increase your energetic integrity
Connect to the stars
And reclaim your human nature!