Everything you see on TV is a scripted performance
The purpose of which is to dupe your world view
For the benefit of those running the show

Our thoughts create manifestations
Which are energized by our inspiration

High intent causes our light to flow
Into patterns of perfection

Patterns of imperfection will dissolve

Positive energy transcends negativity

Our multidimensional god self
Can manifest in this destiny

The more fear and torment
The more negative energy to usher in the Antichrist

This system with its millions and millions of humans
And billions and billions of animals sacrificed
Resonates death

Christianity in all its forms
Glorifies death and sacrifice

It is a death cult brought upon the masses
By those who resonate with death

During a sacrifice pain is intentionally increased
And dying is prolonged

To attract negative entities
And to make the adrenochrome stronger

These people have lost their ability to feel for others
They have lost their humanity

Consuming others whether it be animal or human
Lowers your vibration

Other realms throughout the universe
Are being affected by the negative energy from here

Which will reach its apex during the Antichrist

Our thoughts subtly affect
That which shapes our destiny

And our sphere of influence expands to the infinite!