What you believe is what you project
Own your power

Do not give it to the Big Pharma medical tyranny
Who is pushing the pandemic hoax

And who now say you are not fully vaccinated
Unless you have had 5 shots

People are drawn into the illusion by hysteria and threats of job loss
Yet Congress the pharmaceutical industry as well as the CDC HHS and DOH are exempt from taking the jab

Africa is basically unvaccinated yet no one has Covid

Ukraine is run by the CIA
And Putin is just another clone with a neurolink
It is all a stage

Know that the scope of disinformation is excessive
And realize you can create a new positive version of reality

Take in the higher frequency field
That will connect to your genetic signals

Merge yourself in ultraviolet light
That will activate the electric charge of your DNA
You tune into the signal vibration that you give out

Your heart holds the exact coordinates
And will open up the portals

As you vibrate back and forth
Your higher self will manifest in this lower frequency realm
The fluctuation is like going to the store and coming back

We mutate by waveform which is frequency of sound
4.32 hertz is the sound frequency which is in alignment with our body

Do not reject the structure but transform it
By the proper tone and vibrations

You have the power to grab a certain frequency of a mineral
Such as copper to replace iron or silicon to replace carbon
And project the mineral into someone else who needs it

Pulsate in a waveform that creates positive modalities

There are multiple layers of who you are
And what you are connected with

Earth needs to be saved
We have the power inside of us to do that!