In the Book of Revelations
The Beast arising out of the sea has a lions head and a serpents body

The original Greek word for beast is Therion which means from the sea
It has a 113 geomantic numerical value
113 also means a fake reality

The secret science of resonance projection is knowing how to manipulate the cosmic code
Which is based in mathematics

The former epoch was the mythmaking era when the influx of plasma illuminated cosmic formations
The lions head is the effervescent Venus discharging in front of Saturn
The serpents body is the spiraling electric current on the north celestial plasma tube or the Starlit Stairway

113 has been put into movies and TV shows of all kinds
Maybe November 3 is the time of implementing the false narrative of an asteroid hitting the earth
Causing further cataclysmic events

The saga of Theseus and the Minotaur is supposed to have taken place on the island of Crete in the Aegean Sea
And the apostle John was supposed to have written Revelations on the island of Patmos which is just north of Crete

Patmos is located in the Dodecanese Islands
Dodecahedron means a solid figure with 12 faces
The original Dodecahedron was celestial

The Cave of the Apocalypse is where Saturn sat in his holy temple
It is the Temple of Sol or Temple of Solomon

It is the 2 northern magnetic streams of plasma connect horizontally
These 2 temple pillars are referred to as Boaz and Jachim
They are the positive anode and negative cathode on either side of the Axis Mundi

The geographical location of them are on old maps
And when they flare up it signals the beginning of the apocalypse

The Cave of the Apocalypse is also called the Cave of Brahma
Brahma is equivalent to Abraham
The Cave of the Apocalypse is also called the Cave of Abraham

Samson chained to the temple pillars
Is the Son of Sam or Mars discharging in front of Saturn to the anode and cathode plasma currents

The 12 faces of the celestial dodecahedron is the same as the 12 apostles
It is also the origin of the belief our incarnating souls are placed in 12 simultaneous time vectors

Mars was reborn in the Cave or Temple of Saturn
The story of Jesus follows the story of Mars

The cave was switched to a manger
Many biblical passages have been severely edited

Under the cover of Pantheon gods
We have been manipulated to believe in the pseudo substituted false gods of religion

Disjointed rationale has been instilled in our left brain for mind control
Left brain humans can only decode and process egoic linear sequential timelines

They are subservient to the insectoid
Because they are slaves to the left brain!