In previous eras we were naturally on an adventurous path of ascension
We communicated with earth intelligence and understood our holographic geography

Our world is a grid of multiple energy spectrums of consciousness
fille with geometric patterns of the universal creation code

Eternal plasma frequency currents travel through ley lines

Wondering stars or planets hold instruction sets
Composed of elemental substances and electrical plasma

They pulse their consciousness units to our plane
Which form geometric codes that created our natural kingdoms
And animated the life forms

Multidimensional energy integrated harmony and eternal life

As Gods World entered our spacetime it took on a more physicalized form
And energized the earth plane with eternal life energy

Through spectacular divine architecture and geometric designs
Our ancestors directed the energy flow or the Yantra

In Maharashtra India Ajanta and the Ellora Caves testify to this
As well as Khajuraho the Kalanjara temples and the Neelkanth temple

These beautiful spiritually enhancing structures
Were built with complex mathematical knowledge

They resonated tones of higher frequencies
That produced healing enlightenment and harmony

The people were filled with the Holy Yantra and were thus fulfilled
They had no reason or desire to hurt another human
Or kill an animal for consumption

Their music and songs celebrated the abundant life giving streams of God
As in the Book of Psalms

Their festivals acclaimed the cosmic order

Their vibrations were in unison with higher dimensional patterns!