Watergate was about the pedophile records
At the Democratic National headquarters
That was broken into

Hollywood is Pedo wood
You cannot become a star there unless you are compromised

Trump and Bidon and all the rest
Were pedophile friends of Jeffrey Epstein

The elite have discarded the notion of the soul
They are promoting transhumanism

A digital synthetic world
A hive mind connected to The Cloud
Run by AI Intelligence

Where everyone knows intimate details of everyone else

The spiders behind the World Wide Web
Will make a synthetic copy of you
Enticing you to become on with it

When we do not treat life as sacred
When a woman will let a stranger with a knife
Puncture her babys head

Because they view the baby as not valuable
And say they are supporting bodily autonomy when the opposite is true

Who calls the baby – it
Or a clump of cells or a fetus

Is exactly how we treat the innocent and oppressed animals
Who also want to live and be loved

Like the human unborn they have no rights
And are treated as objects

They are called pork or hamburger
So that we will mentally disassociate them from what we are eating

When our bodies are poisoned
It separates us from our soul

Our drinking water contains
Fluoride arsenic glyphosate nitrates microplastics
PCBs trihalomethanes chlorine aluminum mercury
Pharmaceuticals barium fecal matter lead chloroform
Chromium pesticides parasites petroleum products

It is by design
So that we do not arise to our higher selves
So that we are stuck in a non spiritual reality

Where others do not matter
Where we play out manufactured events
That we perceive as real

Where our energy is used and funneled
By those who control our perceptions

Where our souls are further fragmented

Making it harder and harder
To become one with our true divine self

Controlled by unseen masters
Living in a synthetic digital world!