Since we live on a flat plane
Or more precisely in a
Water filled
Bowl shaped universe
On a protruding piece of land
Surrounded by intense plasma energy
With plasma orbs wandering above us
That are small and near

And the two closest orbs
The sun and the moon
Never eclipse each other

Why do the powers that be
Go to all the trouble
Of trying to produce the effects
Of an actual eclipse

Is something else planned
For the December 14 fake solar eclipse
Rather than obscure religious symbolism

Will a huge catastrophe happen
As part of the culling
Of the human population
That is spiraling out of control

Or will that be when
The Corona needle vaccinations start
That will alter peoples minds
And change their bodies

Allowing possession by chimeras
Or entities who want to take up residence

One thing is for certain
2021 will be a year of great change!