We are actors in a play someone else has written
And have put on a mask to fulfill our role

Every event is a golden thread woven in the fabric of time
And we are the sum of our ancestral karmic and individual selves

Our history is hidden along with the trauma of our ancestors
And is part of the reptilian deception

Unhealed ancestral memories create miasmatic energy blockages
False beliefs also embed energy blockages
Parasitic entities access the soul through these blockages
And siphon off energy

Scalar waves are being hoisted upon a naive and unsuspecting public
Who wish to be led

And microwave energy is a weapon being used
Which is apparently legal

Our DNA will react to these frequencies by emitting light
Our thoughts and emotions also cause our DNA to produce light
Thus our thoughts and emotions are controllable by these radio frequencies

The military and Intelligence communities think they are in control
But they are not
They are just serving aliens for a temporary indulgence of power

Photonic crystal fibers of aluminum oxide are being sprayed down upon us
We all now have them in our bodies
The metallic structure can give a person Morgellons Disease

These fibers collect light from our DNA
And transmit it as readable signals

These signals can be digitized and reintroduced into others
They are called energetic implants

As the fibers grow they can be inhabited by Archons
They will assume a spider like appearance with a human looking face
And will become light parasites

The piezoelectric nano crystals will attract electrons in the body
They will join each other like magnets
And produce flu like symptoms

The unaware person will go to the doctor or pharmacist
And get a vaccination
Which is slow suicide

The barium and strontium in the micro dust
Will replace copper in the body
And will be used by the body to build the nervous system

Thus we will become synthetic with a new electromagnetic field
That is firing electrons

Thus it is very important to detox
And keep your body as clean as possible!

This is a game we do not want to play

We absorb plasma through the sun
And plasma impulses are also being sourced to us from the outside

How we respond to this influx of plasma depends on our etheric nadis

When we embody our soul we carry higher neurological receiver potential!