Realms are energetic bandwidths of frequencies
That create illusions of time and space

For consciousness to perceive
And to participate in

When we are aligned to our true divine essence
Then our DNA instruction sets are activated and recoded
By vibrational energy patterns

When we are authentic
And have cleared old beliefs and thought patterns
That do not serve us

We connect to higher fields of consciousness
And we hold more light
Which raises the resonance in others

We are at a critical mass of knowing
A raised frequency

Which will provoke the downfall of the soul less ones
Who have forfeited their soul
For temporary power

The higher spiritual awakening
Will cause the whole corrupt system to crumble

That is why they are trying to implement their plans at the present time

Klaus Schwab who is actually a Rothschild
Writes in his book entitled
The 4th Industrial Revolution

The new forms of surveillance
Will track you down for thought crimes

And that laws will be implemented
That run contrary to a healthy open society

That they will intrude into the private space of our minds

Injected liquid crystals will migrate to the brain
Creating a neural net of control

We will be required to have a brain scan to go anywhere

The bogus Save the Planet agenda from global warming
Will corral everyone into smart cities

The fake long haul residual covid will never go away
There are now over 200 symptoms
That are being diagnosed as Covid

If you go into a hospital with a headache
You will be injected and strapped to a respirator

Our real souls are in another realm
Star seeds project themselves here

To save those who are stuck in this dream
Who are fixated in the belief structures of this world
Whose light patterns prevent the remembrance of their true essence

Who cannot wake up and return to their higher selves!