In 1954 Admiral Richard Byrd appeared
On the Longines Watch Chronoscope TV show

He said Strangely enough there is an area as big as the US
Beyond the South Pole that has never been seen by a human being

Interest in this new land grew quickly

The next year the Antarctica Treaty was put in place
Which prohibited ships from sailing to the southern lands in Antarctica

The year after that NASA was created
Whose sole purpose was to convince people we live on a globe
And there is nothing down south to see

Globes appeared in all classrooms
Universal Studios adopted a globe as their logo
And showed it before every movie

A no fly zone was initiated not only in Antarctica
But also in the Arctic Circle
The reason given was that it is too cold

The fictional characters of Galileo and Copernicus
Were brought out of the dusty shelves
Which further brainwashed the population

If the public would find out there are vast continents
Existing in the greater flat earth
Such as Atun Pitatia and Thoth

And that there is an inner northern realm
Which has a magnetic toroidal axis
That leads to the inner hollow earth

And that there are advanced civilizations in all these places
It would change everything
The whole system would crumble

The government would lose its power
Religion would lose its stranglehold
The elite would lose their standing

People would start to migrate
And interact with these other humans

The world is based on the heliocentric and global lie

If we lived on a globe that spun around at 1000 miles per hour
We would be flung off

We cannot feel observe or measure the spin
But we are told to believe it

If we lived on a globe traveling 650,000 miles per hour
Which is 5 and 1/2 trillion miles per year
We would see different stars

But the same stars appear year after year
In the exact same place

We are fenced in cattle
We are free range chickens

We are slaves on the plantation
Imposing our servitude upon others!