We all hold healing potential
It is usually progressive but sometimes instantaneous

Good nutrition reverses disease
Avoid fried foods and processed sugar
Eat fresh local and organic whenever possible

Fruits hold the highest vibration
Processed foods and meats lower your vibration

Coffee has beneficial bioactive components
But is heavily sprayed

Communing with nature
Being near water or in forests
Replenishes the soul
As does fresh air and sunshine

Being hooked on synthetic pharmaceutical drugs
Or addicted to opiates such as fentanyl
Will make the soul want to leave

Taking meth will cause you to center your life around your next fix

Eating insects is toxic
Humans cannot digest the outer skeletal shell

The story of John the Baptist eating insects and grasshoppers
Is just another made up lie in the control system

Once you vibrate at a higher frequency
You automatically detach from lower ones

Fruit sugar or glucose provides energy to the cells
While processed sugar is hard to process
The pancreas which produces insulin to metabolize it gets overwhelmed
Harmful free radicals result

Poisoned water poisoned food poisoned air
The fake medical system
The indoctrination of the educational system
The controlled political system
Negative movies and television
Are all designed to keep you locked into 3D

When you hold positive frequencies such as compassion and joy
You can construct a new version of yourself

When you imagine what you want
And put it into the quantum field
You can project a new hologram

But you have to know this unseen geometrical structure exists
Belief will constitute reality

Your DNA changes as your sound wave magnetically alters the Eather
There will be a switch of sequences
And you can live the new version

When you visualize it and put the frequency there
And magnify the frequency with emotion
Your higher self will be activated in this dimension

You have the power to download new genetics

As the negative system crumbles
You will awaken to your potential

Heed the call
And embrace your soul purpose!