We descend to this reality to express ourselves
In this specific physical dimension of time and space

When we are being born we are magnetically imprinted
With ancestral and celestial overlays and identities

Thus our manifestation body contains the holographic blueprint
That projects our conscious identity out into the elemental physical reality

Our Markaba fields are energy spirals with instruction sets
Filled with light symbols and codes
That form the structure of time and dimension
Of this holographic reality

They are arranged from consciousness units that generate a DNA and RNA imprint
That determine our bioelectric field or aura light body

Our aura field organizes into energy matrices or chakras
That act as small computers

As the chakras are able to hold higher frequencies
Energetic transmissions impact the brain and nervous system
Which determine our biological base rhythm

As this energy imprints into the blood
Hormones are produced and distributed
Which causes chemical reactions in our organs glands and cellular tissues

We are then filled with our personalized spiritual record
Of our unique consciousness being

The human body and energy field is a living light hologram
In which the entire physiology and consciousness
Of an individual is expressed!