The elite understand the energy dynamics

They control the energy
And keep people in lower states of consciousness
By promoting fear and survival modes

We give them our power
By voting and seeking their protection

Consciousness cannot hide from higher consciousness

The Draconian overlords of the elite
Do not have access to the same space we do

With great difficulty they manifest themselves in 3D and 4D
And are fully bifurcated in the 7th density experience

They observe our life force to better understand it

The Force is positive polarized consciousness
Within a vast infinite structure

It can only be observed within itself
By those who has polarized within the positive

For the intention must match and be in alignment with
That which is being observed

Intention cannot be disconnected or be in disaccord with the life force

Our realm in the multiverse is in psychic warfare

We have been mentally connected to the internet
Which will become a hive mind brain net connected to The Cloud

AI wants to turn us into bodies with machine heads
And use us to manifest itself into this realm

Our lives would then be controlled hallucinations run by algorithms

The Universe is a positive life force

Do not identify with the dark agenda

Set internal and external boundaries
See yourself separate from all negative energy

Establish yourself as a sovereign being
Comfortable in your own vibration

Where magical serendipity
And mystical synchronicity
Guide your destiny

And leads your polarized heart
Within your positive soul
Into a fate of higher mysterium!