Chakras are DNA frequency tonalities
They are the tuning forks of manifestation

Chakras give you the ability to put yourself
Into different modalities

They are like playing a piano
And your emotions are the keys
Chakras organize and send out your emotional energy

Your emotions are vibrational sequences
That produce geometrical patterns sounds and colors
You switch realities by changing what you project

The rainbow holds the vibrational sequences of colors
Our aura is our alchemic magnetic field of light

The God Consciousness is knowing how to hold your vibration
And freeing yourself to experience what you desire

But there are infinite possibilities of how what you put out
Will come back to you

To be able to better choose the positive
You have to know the negative
And understand that we are being completely manipulated
Vaccines are to keep us on a negative timeline

You have to hold your power and maintain your sovereignty
And know that you need to say no

You have to put yourself in the heart
When you do you open the portal to Gods world
And you will always get what you need

Our souls are like fractals of Source Creator
In this 3rd dimension we are avatars of our greater self

Most of our consciousness is operating in other dimensions
In this reality we are slightly different versions
Of what we are in other realms

In other astral realms you have greater abilities
Lucid dreaming is being aware you are operating
On different less dense levels of reality

Everything in life has meaning
Everything we experience serves a purpose

Enlightenment is remembering who you really are
The ultimate level of enlightenment
Is remembering you are God!