The universe is a multi oscillating hologram of energy

Our thoughts determine our energy
If someone controls our thoughts
Thay also control our energy and our consciousness

We will then have a false identity
And be put in a false holographic timeline

Mirrored illusions are created in holograms
By putting a sub hologram or astral mirror in the existing hologram
This is how our conscious energy gets misdirected

Controlling entities with alien machinery
Are pushing the transhumanist agenda to occupy our realm

They are manipulating the field of energy
Which consists of three dimensional hexagrams
In clusters of interlocking tetrahedrons

Our reality is a manifestation of collective dreams
Or a simulation of consciously projected thoughts

Our souls interact in this illusory system

Our unconscious mind rules over our conscious thoughts
Because of the data that is stored
From our experiences and perceptions

Our subconscious jumps to the fore
Before we formulate our thoughts
Which are embedded reasonings based on sensations of feeling

The implanted indoctrination in our subconsciousness yells the loudest
And is the cause of impulsive actions

Negative ego thoughts form as a result of embedded perceptions from internal anxiety
Which often have no basis in the present circumstances
And creates irrational thinking

Clouded judgements then assign values

The ego is not your real self
It is operating from instinctual desires
That do not have relevance in the current moment

And we end up in the wrong place

Banish negativity in your dreams
Dream better dreams
Because our reality is what we dream

We have other dreamers in our dream
And our accumulated dreams create the world

Life is a vision
And what we think we are we become

You are your god!