The LED street lights are a weapons program
They have millimeter wave focused lenses
With optimal radiation emissions

They have phased array antennae scanners
That intensifies modulation when it sees you coming

They are part of the smart cities agenda
SMART means Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology

They are basically microwave frequency warfare

Because we have inhaled the mechanized smart dust particles
That have been rained down upon humanity as chemtrails
The LED scanners can triangulate a map of you and read your body

5G is constructed and designed to deliver concentrated and focused EM radiation
In the same way as directed energy weapons

5G runs on the frequency of 60 giga hertz
Which is the frequency of molecular oxygen absorption
It is impairing your cellular oxygen absorption

It penetrates your cells and damages them
Producing free radicals

It damages your DNA and kills your gut bacteria
Which is the basis of your immunity system

Wifi runs on 2.4 ghz
The same as a microwave oven
This range allows full penetration of microwave frequencies

6G will have utility poles 20 meters from each home
Continually bombarding millimeter waves
All appliances will be run on this smart grid

It will kill all insects and render humans and animals infertile

We are being sandwiched by radiation from cell towers smart meters cell phones and LED lights
It produces oxidative stress and deteriorates cells at a deep level

LED light bulbs contain lens flair capacity
Which explodes 5G signals into photons

This 20 trillion dollar roll out has no regards for health
And does not have anything to do with the speed of downloading movies

A law has even been passed to make it illegal
To complain to your local city council
About health effects of a nearby cell tower

5G is an end game brought into our homes schools and streets
It is an apocalypse masquerading as a downloading improvement

It will result in the genetic damage of future generations
And is the technological takedown of the human race!