Our realm is surrounded by higher more advanced ETs
Many of which are in our world and hide in human form

Their purpose is to hybridize humans
And to make our world more suitable for them

Abductions are for hybridization
And hybridization is for colonization

Second generation hybrids look very similar to humans

When human females find their fetus suddenly stolen
It was a hybrid

Aliens are good at controlling and hypnotizing humans just by using their mind

There are aliens with good intentions and ones with bad intentions

Aliens can have many lives

Many aliens who have been birthed naturally do not realize they are not human

But discover their true identity through dreams
Dreams can be portals into the real world

We are in a maze of spiraling realities
Each with its own doorway

We are in an energetic game of chess

Most people do not want to know
It would scare them

They do not want to know we have been genetically modified with alien genes
They would rather be told comfortable lies

There are other worlds behind our computer controlled reality

When there is a glitch in the matrix an alteration occurs
A digital reprint

The deception by dark forces is revealed

The cluster of tetrahedrons which clothes us in desperation

That masks this simulation

And which is dependent upon our energy

Will form a new more positive program
From the power of our thoughts!