Your dreams interlace with others
In a shared tapestry of aspirations that bind humanity

Believe in the beauty of your dreams
And in your ability to realize them

Reflect a reality that is more loving
Look inward with optimism and look outward with hope
Face the future with a positive attitude

The reward for persistence is the realization of your dreams
That you once thought were unattainable

Compassion for all life strengthens our connection to the cosmos
By giving you enrich your own life

The frequencies of generosity and compassion that you generate
Will be matched with crystal clarity

The universe becomes a mirror
Reflecting back the abundance you envision
The cosmos listens to the reverberation of your desires

As you cultivate and nurture your hopes and dreams
You instigate an intimate dialogue and a sacred symbiosis with the universe

Your success is a crucial component
For the well being of all creation

Each stride forward feeds an ethereal reservoir
That others may draw warmth and courage from
With every achievement you elevate the universal human spirit

Transform obstacles into opportunities
And face difficulties not as barriers
But as steps on the path of success

Appreciate your life experience
And its lessons!