September 23 2021
Will be the date
That an event takes place

Which will make us believe
We are encountering a deadly threat
To our existence

All numbers have a pattern
That contain a message
And reveal a destiny

411 is a numeric portal

66 means 666
And an upcoming hidden event

8 is the Loop of Lucifer
It is the electrical current
Or intertwining serpent
The Caduceus on the Pillar of Heaven
Which in former times was highly visible

The number 1 alludes to this serpent pillar

The divine serpent is worshipped by the Vatican

There is a plethora of Hollywood movies
About us being attacked by aliens

That is what has really happened
But in a covert manner

Reptilians will soon come out
And make their appearance

They will be deceptive
Their true intention
Is to rule over us like gods

They are the ones
That made us into meat eaters

Animals are here to be our friends
We can love animals with all our heart
Which makes life more meaningful and special

A Doppleganger is a clone
Made up of your DNA

Reality TV
Is recycled cloned actors

Tattoos of Celebration
Tell who someone was
Before going into their new bodies

A sign of possession
Is deliberately clearing the throat
A frog in the throat

Revelation 16:13
Unclean spirits like frogs

The account in Revelation
Of an angel throwing a millstone into the sea
Was an actual anthropomorphized scene in heaven

Monoliths have popped up
Not only in Utah
But also in England and The Netherlands

They are put there to symbolize
The coming New Age

And Cubes of Satan
Which is really the dark aspect of Saturn
Seen in the ancient sky

Have been placed in cities and countries such as
Santa Ana Manhattan Australia and Denmark

They are to portend
Evil darkness chaos war and conflict

In Masonic circles
Lifting the Cup
Means Lifting the Veil
To what is really taking place

The world is a stage
The props are in place
The actors are playing their role

After a near normal summer
The rug will be pulled out from under us

And the 3rd Wave will come this fall
Blamed on the vaccine refusers

The lockdowns will be even more severe

Keep a mindset that You are Creator and Source
And there is no such thing as a coincidence