Each chakra is a filter of perception
They pull data from the subconscious
And output it into the physical realm

We are holographically projecting our experiences onto the quantum field
Through a network of vibrational frequencies
With which we also connect to others

Suffering is part of the human experience
At those times we need to be in a state of observation and neutrality
And to align with nature

We hold onto the architypes of ourselves
That are engrained so deeply within us

If we are in despair we will not affect anything
Because we do not even have mastery over our own emotions
Or know how to manage our own energy

We have to breathe ourselves back into stillness
And go deeper and deeper
So that we just observe what we are resisting

Then bring up a powerful wave of earths life force
And bring down a powerful wave of cosmic energy
Making a vortex of energy all around us

Then allow the vortex to spin around our body
The negative thought forms which we have input into our biofield
And which drain our energy will dissipate

As the energy we bring in becomes incorporated within us
We become compassionate and grateful

The vibrations of the hurt child inside us
Who is operating on survival
Will be transmuted with self love

The sharp pangs of our wounded ego will dissolve
As we realize we are divinely guided

We will give ourselves permission to participate in intimacy
We will feel worthy of giving and receiving love
And see our empowerment in all our interactions with others

As we get into our pain and describe it
We understand that part of ourselves
Allowing us to treat those emotions with compassion

When we embrace and accept our inner child and wounded ego as part of us
We will transcend our former limitations
And exchange our self sabotaging disharmonious behavior
For the beauty of purpose and peace

No longer suppressing our core emotions!