AI is about remotely controlling you
It is about making a synthetic copy of you or an avatar
It is about making the soul obsolete

This will only become a reality if people allow it

The goal is to get you tied to The Cloud
Which is the atmospheric layer that has been ionized
This connects to the AI supercomputer which will control your reality

It will keep you on virtual vacations exploring illusions and sexual fantasies
While on happy pills

Which will only solidify the removal of your soul and free will
Acceptance means servitude

Your existence will be at the hands of some Ashkenazi Reptilian sitting at a control panel
You will be unable to unplug

When a soul is fragmented to the point where its original blueprint pattern is nullified
It returns back to the Source in its elemental raw material form to be reprocessed

Vaccines and test swabs are AI delivery systems

The 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies
Had doctors and nurses gallivanting and dancing around hospital beds
Overseen by the Grim Reaper

Doctors get an $80,000 bonus if they can vax at least 63 percent of their patients
63 is three sixes backwards or 666

They want you on repeated vaccinations which will only stop when you die

Some detoxes will get rid of the nano technology inside of you
Other detoxes will take out the heavy metals

The snake DNA which is injected can only be removed by frequencies
Such as tuning forks

Ginseng is a great detox herb

Borax or sodium borate is really good too but is being passed off as a detergent
It kills injected parasites

Municipal water is toxic
It is designed to dull your senses
Along with fluoride and psychotic medications

The quick fix drug game of voodoo medicine
Makes doctors the number 3 killer in the U.S.

If a body is PH balanced then no microorganisms can produce disease
It is a toxic diet that supports morbid changes from bacteria
And keeps viruses in check

Processed foods meat sodas etc that make up the common American diet are very acidic
When poor nutrition and toxic chemicals intake continues
Organs are weakened and more body ailments occur

Healthy conditions depend upon the high level of electromagnetic charge on the surface of cells

Over half the world is now vaxxed
While government Big Pharma and the FDA are exempt

One has to educate themselves as to what is in the vaccines!