Empathy is the most precious quality a human can have

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field of the human body
Transmitting our intentions and thoughts into the environment

Sensitive and mindful people are the most effective agents for change
For putting what is human back into humanity

Increasing ones vibration is foremost about increasing ones compassion
Secondly it is about raising awareness and knowledge

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that proliferates the activation of neurons
And is associated with the pleasure response

When one is empathetic they have a higher sensitivity to dopamine
Dopamine produces mirror neurons which helps one feel the emotions of others

Affirmations are positive statements that counter fear anxieties and self doubts
That replay in your mind

You can reprogram outdated beliefs that shift your energy

Positive attitudes stimulate growth

Our beliefs program our neurochemicals
Our neurological system does not stand apart from our thoughts

Empaths have a special relationship to nature
To animals trees and flowers

Empaths are drawn to the peace of the wilderness
The majesty of the forest
And the vastness of the ocean

They are concerned about the well being of animals

As an empath with a powerful vibration
You have the ability to positively affect the rest of the world!