King Arthur is Mars
The same as Christ personifies Mars

Born in Tintagel and raised in Glastonbury
He was to return and save his people
Bringing peace abundance and well being to the land

The Knights of the Round Table were the visible orbs
Embedded in the rings of Saturn

Jason was also Mars
And the Argonauts were the geometrical wave forms
That radiated into his celestial boat or ship

The Argonauts were the same as the animals in Noahs Ark
And Noahs Ark was the same as Ship of Heaven
Which was reflective light that revolved in a circle
Noah was then Mars also

The Golden Fleece was the plasma concentrated at the apex of the Axis Mundi or Tree of Life
Place there by King Colchis who was Saturn
Who also had a golden yellow color

The Golden Fleece had powerful healing abilities
Because it radiated its plasma rays
Onto whatever came near it

The Dragon which guarded the celestial grove which contained the Golden Fleece
Was the same as the Serpent in the tree of the Garden of Eden
Which was a swirling current that encircled the Universal Axis or Tree of Life

Mars was the Star of Azuth that coupled with Venus

The color waves of Venus or the Mother Cathar
Made up the Auric or Cosmic Egg in which creation commenced

These waves infiltrated the North Polar Axis as the Holy Spirit
They were the life giving breath of the Holy Ghost

The Luciferian Rebellion was when Mars assumed a position above Saturn
Mars became Lucifer because it generated miasma and disease
It originally brought life giving energy to the earth plane

Due to alien interference the Soul of Albion or Holy Spirit fell asleep
First darkening in the lower heavenly realms

Humans became numbed and less aware

These same entities then introduced the artificial moon

The Holy Father or Saturn and Mars the Son retreated
Mother Quintessence or Venus took on a comet like form
Then gradually left also

The plasma attacks that were responsible for the Atlantean cataclysms continued

And a new system that abused and stole human and animal energy was instituted!