You experience the sequence vibration
That your consciousness is projecting

You run that program into the quantum field
Which is all frequency and sound geometry

Your thoughts are the blueprint
And your emotions are the frequency
When combined they become a geometric pattern hologram

The holographic imprint becomes a live structure
It is a pulsating movie which you are manifesting

You are the star of the show
And you interact with what you imprint into the field

Think of a blueprint of love generosity and gratitude
Give it potency of vibration by holding the feelings
You will then crystallize them into matter

Ascension is tuning into the prior script
You had before you incarnated here

Your body is a molecular structure of spinning atoms
An immense amount of cells with a vibratory rate
That determine the timeline you experience

Your thoughts emotions and deeds create the spin rate which produces your magnetic field
Which fractally imprints into the quantum field

The switch to a higher vibration will open portals
Because you will match the frequency resonance

Consciousness is a vibration sequence that creates sonic sound and light waves from trinity plasma atoms
Reality is what you project
It is your next hologram of reprinted similar frequencies that you vibrate moment to moment

We are here to create and expand
And to experienece whatever we wish!