You can have instantaneous healing
When you understand that moment to moment
You shift yourself to a new reality
That you are reprinting yourself into

Choose a new emotion which means a new resonance
A new resonance means a new vibrational sequence
Which will create a new outcome

Once you realize how reality works
That your hologram experience is a projection
You become a master alchemy creator

If your experience does not resonate with your consciousness then shift
Your new hologram will be based on your new resonance
Stay with positive to produce a new positive timeline

Gratitude neutralizes frequency
It shuts down negative program geometry
And produces a new potent frequency which you will then project

You hold the energetic structure of the entire universe
What you feel think or say towards others
Is what you project as the next holographic imprint

Your bio field or aura is the energetic force that holds the geometry of your consciousness vibration
Which is also a sequence

Your higher vibration will raise the collective vibration
Which will produce a new collective 5D timeline

The earth is vibrating in a higher resonance
In order to experience abundance you have to vibrate with it

You have to match the frequency of the higher timelines
You have to merge with them by thinking feeling and projecting a positive intention

You are the creator and unpleasant realities do not have to be your truth
Imagine what you want and grab that frequency vibration

Fear is also a frequency
When you hold fear you create a reality based on it

Fear creates blockages that keeps you in dense negative timelines
You have to clear it out along with removing impurities from the body
In order to vibrate at your highest potential
What you vibrate comes back to you like a mirror image

The 5D vibratory rate will activate your DNA and raise your consciousness
Consciousness is a waveform of geometric light and sound particles

The downloading of your sonic imprint onto the field creates your timeline

As your thoughts and emotions become embedded in the collective structure
They are downloaded by other humans

Work with the frequencies of your emotions and thought
And you will create new realities!