The number 11 is associated with 911
Which was a traumatic event

911 was a false flag operation with pre placed incendiaries and ignited explosives
Concrete was pulverized in mid air

Thermite which is iron oxide and aluminum powder
Produced molten iron microspheres and melted steel

Building 7 which fell 7 hours afterwards was a steel framed building
Whose fall was blamed on an office fire

It took 7 seconds to fall
Molten steel and molten iron was found underneath
It was a reaction of nano thermite

7 and 1 resemble an upright serpent
The symbol for the popular Monster drink is 3 upright serpents
Which is also the number 6 in Hebrew which makes it 666

Advertisements for the Monster drink say to Unleash the Beast

Sequences of one trigger a subconscious reaction
Which open up the mind to receive sorceries

Once the serpent entity or reptilian has access to your mind
Your thoughts and memories can be rearranged

The unsuspecting host will then be drawn into a different matrix
The Antichrist matrix

Even though we exist on the same physical plane
We do not operate on the same spiritual plane

Most people in the 3D world are stuck in mind programming
And their soul is held captive

If you are part of this matrix then you will become AI

The vast majority of humans are not ready to be unplugged from the Beast system
And are hopelessly dependent on it

People think we live in a democracy
But that is only an illusion for control

This is just an imitation of a human civilization
Created and maintained by an alien race

Parts of it are copied from past cultures
But it is designed to control and consume humans
Not to advance them

We are designed to go past our five senses
To awaken within and go beyond
The 3rd level dimension of ourselves!