The correct study of astrology will help to inform one
Of their true and unique spiritual nature and potential

The relative positions of celestial objects
Are magnetically imprinted at birth

The planets and star constitute the keys
Of the cosmic musical keyboard

They each transmit spectrums of color wave frequencies
Of mathematical coded patterns

Thus each constellation has a certain frequency tone and color wave

Notes coming from these metaphysical cosmic forces
Can be either harmonious or discordant

Oppositions and limitations that are recorded
In the geometries of the spiritual blueprint
That determine ones spiritual purpose
Can be understood in the birth chart

The earth has a collective record of humanity
That also imprints the soul at the time of incarnation

And the individual soul has unlearned lessons and karmic debt
Which are carried over from past lives

Thus each soul is exceptionally unique
And has transcendent value

Animals are included because they have souls too

Each individual has an energetic blueprint
That is a gateway to the spiritual world

Consciousness and spiritual anatomy are enmeshed in every cell
And intertwined in all body parts

The architectural blueprint of all life
Is based upon complex mathematical principles
That resonate through their chromatic souls as frequencies

Where and what we shift to in our next manifestation
Is the result of everything in our previous incarnation

Harmonious patterns of divine grace
Are flowing from Ophiuchus transmissions

Releasing opposition in our birth blueprint
And resulting in a gentle stream of aligned frequencies!