Travelers from a distant dying world
Were decaying and weak
From refusing to obey Universal laws

They could not prevent their own demise
And searched other dimensions in order to cheat death

They came to our realm
Looking to extend their lives

When they came here they encountered abundant life
And realized that within a human body
They had a chance for a new life

Parasites looking for a host found humans
And appointed themselves rulers

Real humans are only in the lower ranks
People above them are not human

Real humans will never attain any position in the highest ranks
Gatekeepers move in and out of the matrix

At first the people rebelled
And then a full scale war ensued

Afterwards a period of darkness resulted
And many humans were genetically modified

Now underground military bases are experiment stations for reptilians

Whole cities in the subterranean world
Are composed entirely of genetically experimented humans

Humans who do not remember where they are from
Or what they might have been
They dwell beneath the surface in semi darkness

Reptilians are vampires and do not like light
They have technology underground
That allows them to focus their telepathic energies

They abducted women and inserted genetically modified embryos
To create perfect vessels for reprobate spirits to inhabit

With technology they want to sustain eternal life
Clones androids robotoids are all far more advanced
Than the common person realizes!