Show your power
Stand your ground

By just a single thought
You can shift to an entirely new vibration

Different versions of you exist in other realities
You can choose which one you want to express
And you can choose which reality you want to experience

Thoughts produce vibrations which produce particles
That become holograms that become a reality

Your consciousness becomes an electromagnetic frequency
Which you continually reprint from previous realities

Emotions thoughts and deeds create a timeline
Each fractal momentum holds a specific vibration
You can shift into higher dimensional realities

Souls drop into this reality to give information and activate awareness
To usher forth darkness into the light
Transforming the darkness by the light

Showing it is the heart that holds the potency vibration
And that the heart is the way to produce a positive outcome

Sometimes though you need to push back
Especially when there is abuse or certain drugs involved
You need to override their resonance with a stronger frequency vibration
Be Jesus overturning the tables of the moneychangers

Sometimes you need to pull back from others
And create a positive image of them in your mind

When you focus on that positive version
You make it a reality

Phobias are illusions caused by trauma
The frequency becomes a part of the collective consciousness of your soul

You need to fully connect to it and understand it
You need to be thankful that you see it
When that resonance is coming through

Then you need to disengage with it
And replace it or mutate it with a positive and stronger emotion
Smiling and laughter is the best medicine

You project the hologram of what you hold in your mind
Crystallize the positive emotion and it will become permanent

You then become powerful

Easy breezy!