Escape from the grasp of negative
By expressing positive from within

You are projecting the people you experience
Into your quantum field

You hold the power to create realities
To override holographic imprints

You hold the frequency of the entire structure

If you hold a specific vibration
If you continue to express a potent emotion
You will put it in your fractal momentum

You are the center of your matrix
Which is the hologram you project

When you imagine a reality and believe it
You can shift into it by your choices

You then become the creator of your journey

Your thoughts are the blueprint
Your heart is the vibrating laser that manifests your blueprint into matter

Consciousness is a sequence of frequencies
That we lock into the magnetic field
Reality is a hyperspace hologram

Every thought gets mimicked and reflected back to you
As a virtual reality

Specific frequencies hold codes
That will open portals to higher consciousness

A 3D expression cannot hold the energetic potency of the God Source
It will fluctuate back and forth until it is ready to move to 5D

A negative expression that wants to stay in the lower frequencies will be exposed

You are the God expression or Christ Consciousness if you want to move forward
Waiting for a savior is 3D mentality
Consuming others is 3D mentality
Spreading fear is a 3D mentality

The spin rate of the sub atomic particles within your cells
Will resonate at a higher frequency when positive choices are made

Become the sound wave form
That creates a symphony!