All of us project simultaneously
And we have our individual time line sequence

Humans who vibrate to portals
Are prechosen from their agreements
Depending on the realities they wish to experience

Access to portals give ascension to interdimensional timelines
Which will give you an extension of your life form
That exceeds this simulation of 3 dimensional reality

Agreements are made with those of close interdimensional relations

When we are born we become immersed in an indoctrination program
That has been around for over 200 years

Every word has a frequency sound
Spells are cast by sending you frequencies embedded in words

The subconscious intakes words both forward and backwards
So negative messages can easily be hidden

Negativity and violence on TV and movies and video games are played out in real life
But in different forms

To overcome this density and create a positive reality
One must project from the heart
Your true self is based on your heart structure

If you create realities based on your ego
It is not your true self

Sometimes a big event has to occur in your life
In order for you to learn that lesson

Until you hold and crystallize a positive projection
You will fluctuate and stumble with negative frequencies

A new reality has to have a similar vibration to the one you are holding
In order to merge with it

You have all the power
Your higher self will show you if you are out of balance

If you learn your lesson and pass the test
And know that everything you do is positive
You will attract positive sound and light frequencies

No religion nor anyone outside of you can do it for you
Everyone else is in their own reality
Projecting their own hologram!